The Greens in the Canadian general election of 19 October 2015

My article on the Greens in the Canadian election was published in Environmental Politics and is available here.


The 2011 election of Elizabeth May, the Green Party’s first federal MP, was a significant breakthrough for the party. In 2015, however, it struggled to build momentum in a campaign dominated by an ‘Anybody But Conservatives’ feeling where the Liberals were perceived as the best agent of change. The Greens’ overall vote share slipped slightly, from 3.9% in 2011 to 3.5%. May retained her seat with a stunning majority and 54% of the vote. Yet, this was the party’s only win among its 15 target seats; it made meagre advances in the others, managing only one runner up. It is unlikely that strategic voting hurt the Greens, which leaves the party with a big challenge to redefine its purpose and strategy going forward.

If you would like a pdf of the article, please send me an email at

[Photo credit: Shaun Merritt]

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