Public speaking


17 October – Bristol, UK – “Democracy and Future Cities”, panel at the Festival of the Future City

23 August – Edinburgh – “Deliberative Democracy: The Real People’s Vote”, event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, King’s College London Policy Institute

15 July – New York – “What is Democracy?”, moderating event with UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Jane Mohammed, Thomas Carothers and Jay Vaidoo, organised by UN Democracy Fund and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation

30 May – Ottawa – “Expanding the Use of Citizen Assemblies and Panels at the National, Regional, and Local Levels”, Challenge clinic organised by MASS LBP at the Open Government Partnership Summit

7 May – Brussels – “Citizens First: EU Citizens Consultations, What’s Next?”, European Committee of the Regions

10 April – Milan – “The Politics of Design”, panel on design and post-governance at the Triennale di Milano, Vitra Design Museum


Image credit: Julian Oliver, Transparency Grenade, 2012 © Julian Oliver, photo: Khuong Bismuth, illustration: Daniel Streat

20 March – Paris – “The Knowledge Economy”, respondent at OECD roundtable with Roberto Unger and Nesta

20 March – Paris – “Inclusive Governance: Bringing all voices on board for the design and delivery of public policies and services“, The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, mySociety

1-3 February – Rome – “Looking for system fixes and innovations”, presentation at the Mercator European Dialogue

24 January – London – “How to Build Political Start-Ups“, respondent at event with Josef Lentsch, RSA. The podcast is available here.


6 December – London – Chairing at King’s College London YTL Law & Justice Forum: Democracy and Citizen Participation

27 November – Brussels – “Citizens’ Assemblies to Renew Engagement” panel at the European Parliament, Europe for Citizens

8 November – Brussels – “Citizens’ Consultations: Image campaign or effective democracy tool?”, panel with Joachim Ott, Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, Anja Trebes, Federico Guerrieri and Jirí Buriánek, EuroPCom conference

7 November – Paris – Presentation about long-form deliberative processes to Les Interconnectés

4-5 October – Cadenabbia, Italy – Expert workshop on Democratic Resilience and Renewal, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

13-14 September – Zurich – “Using Behavioural Insights to Engage Citizens in Policy Making”, paper presentation at University of Zurich and DemocracyNet workshop on “Democratic participation: theoretical and empirical perspectives

6 September – London – “Citizens’ Assemblies: Lessons From Recent
Practice in the UK and Beyond” roundtable, International Conference of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association

2 June – Amsterdam – “Understanding the Populist Turn” panel with Jan-Werner Müller, Paul Scheffer, Flavia Kleiner & Márton Gulyás, Forum on European Culture 2018

Understanding the Populist Turn II – Forum on European Culture 2018 from De Balie on Vimeo.

14 February – Paris – Guest intervention about deliberative democracy at Civic Tech & Democracy course, Sciences Po


23-24 November – Madrid – “How should civil society meet the challenge of populism?”, EESC Conference on “The role of EU civil society in a globalised world of communications,” European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

16 November – London – “Are you being heard? Civic engagement in the digital era” panel discussion, The London Conference, Centre for London

8-10 October – Prague – “New forms of civic activism”, New Civic Activism Network Conference, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

5-6 October – Bergen, Norway – “Populism: For better or for worse?”, Comparative Politics Conference, University of Bergen

5 October – Bergen, Norway – “From exclusive to inclusive: Rethinking democracy in the 21st century“, Presentation and panel discussion, Tanketinget

23 September – Gdansk, Poland – “The benefits of deliberation in participatory budgeting processes,” Presentation to the Gdansk Citizens’ Assembly

19 September – Paris, France – “What role should civil society and territories play in the future participatory conventions for Europe?”, Europe and its Territories conference, Confrontations Europe

10 July – London, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, Policy Network and The Crick Centre, The University of Sheffield

29 June – London, UK – “The role of deliberation in shaping the constitution,” Power and People in the UK Constitution conference, Electoral Reform Society and APPG on Devolution, Decentralisation and Reform

15 June – Edinburgh, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, What Works Scotland and the University of Edinburgh

14 June – Manchester, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, Centre for Local Economic Studies (CLES) and Manchester Urban Institute

27 May – Bristol, UK – “Rebels and Radicals“, panel discussion with Jamie Bartlett and Douglas Carswell, Bristol Festival of Ideas

10 April Kiev, Ukraine – “Participatory democracy in th system of local self-governance,” Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-governance

22 March – London, UK“The intergenerational divide in Italy: Young people left behind?”, Panel discussion, LSE Italian Society

14 March – London, UK – “Reinvigorating democracy through random selection“, panel discussion, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster

24 February – Zagreb, Croatia – “What is populism?”, opening speech, AEGEE conference

19 January – London, UK – “Teaching tomorrow’s citizens“, panel discussion, RSA


3 December – London, UK – “Populism still on the rise”, Arena Academy speech, Arena Group

22 July – Oxford, UK – “After Europe: Labour party politics after the referendum“, University College Oxford, PSA Labour group

11 July – Oxford, UK – “People powered policy making: Lessons from Canada and Australia,” New routes to social justice conference, Policy Network and FEPS

18 May – London, UK – “Voting/Democracy: A public discussion“, panel discussion with Colin Crouch and Peter Kellner, King’s College London

18 April – Thessaloniki, Greece – “Civic disengagement and the practices of democratic governance”, conference,  Dukakis Center

30 March – Stavanger, Norway – “Uenighetsfellesskapet (The Disagreement Community)”, Keynote speech on on populism in Europe and how to challenge it, Fritt Ord Foundation, kåkå kverulantkatedralen and the University of Stavanger

21 March – London, UK – “People-powered policymaking: Canadian insights on deliberative politics“, chair, Policy Network

12 January – London, UK – “What can Britain learn from Australian democratic innovations?“, Chair, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust


16 December – Berlin, Germany – International roundtable on right-wing populism, presenting the case of the UK, Das Progressive Zentrum

9 December – London, UK – “The Predistribution Agenda: Book launch“, Policy Network and FEPS

4 December – London, UK – “Ukip and the populist signal in the UK”, speech at Arena Academy, Arena Group and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

18 November – Stockholm, Sweden – “The Populist Signal“, presentation, Arena Idé

13 November – Perth, Scotland – Scottish Government Cities Convention, workshop leader on Internationalisation, Scottish Cities Alliance and Scottish Government

10 November – Berlin, Germany – The Populist Signal presentation, Das Progressive Zentrum

30 October – Perth, Scotland – “Sovereignty of the People: Slogan or reality?”, panel, Scottish Labour Party Conference, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

FES20151022_0116_resize22 October – Budapest, Hungary –  “Is Populism the new Zeitgeist?”, panel at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Policy Solutions conference

16 October – Aberdeen, Scotland – “Sovereignty of the People: Slogan or reality?”, panel, SNP Party Conference, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

8 October – Bergen, Norway – “Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change” panel, The European Movement Norway

7 October – Oslo, Norway – Roundtable on The Populist Signal at Agenda think tank

5 October – Manchester, UK – “The Populist Signal: Tackling the political drivers of Ukip support”, panel at Conservative Party Conference, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

29 September – Brighton, UK – “The Populist Signal: Time for Labour to end machine politics”, panel at Labour Party Conference, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

Image126729924-25 September – Manchester, UK –  “Civic engagement” rapporteur, EU Integration Forum, Robert Bosch Stiftung

18 September – Edinburgh, Scotland – “The Populist Signal: Why politics and democracy need to change”, presentation, Policy Network, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Academy of Government, University of Edinburgh

DSC_022016 September – London, UK – Spoke about The Populist Signal at launch event for ESRC project on Citizens’ Assemblies on Constitutional Questions, Electoral Reform Society

11 September – Conversano, Italy – “The End of Democracy”, panel event, Lector in Fabula Festival, Eurozine and Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno

3 September – Amersfoort, Netherlands – “G1000 and deliberation”, keynote speech, G1000 Platform.

21 August – “Can politicians ever be true to themselves?” – panelist on BBC Newshour Extra

16 July – London, UK – “Dealing with Populists in Government”, roundtable chair, Policy Network and British Academy

DSC_021617 June – London, UK – “The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change”, book launch, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

11 March – London, UK – “Understanding PEGIDA in Context”, panel discussion, Social Europe and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


19 March – Brussels, Belgium – “European elections 2014: The Populist Challenge”, panel discussion, Heinrich Boll Stiftung


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