6 February – Brussels – “Engaging Citizens for Good Governance in Cohesion Policy”, Conference organised by Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission (DG REGIO)


10 December – Sydney, Australia – “Deliberative Democracy Across the Globe: New OECD study of deliberative processes and institutions”, newDemocracy Foundation

9 December – Sydney, Australia – “Rebuilding trust in institutions“, Sydney Policy Lab

5 December – Canberra, Australia – “Deliberative democratic Prospects? International and Australian experience“, public event organised by the Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance at University of Canberra, Museum of Australian Democracy

3 December – Canberra, Australia – “Institutionalizing Mini-Public Deliberation in Public Decision Making“, Seminar at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance as part of University of Canberra’s Distinguished International Visitor Program

25 November – London – “Bringing the public into data policy debates: Where next?”, Workshop organised by the Royal Society and the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, Royal Society

23 October – Paris – Debate about how to foster citizen participation at local level, Eurocities, Hôtel de Ville

17 October – Bristol, UK – “Renewing Democracy“, panel at the Festival of the Future City with Ece Temelkuran, Darren Hughes, Michele Acuto, and Michael Kenny

10 October – Berlin – “Deliberative Democracy: How to involve citizens in public decision-making“, Inspire talk at Innocracy conference, Das Progressive Zentrum

12 September – Paris – Panel on citizen participation and representation, Decidim Jam, Open Source Politics

23 August – Edinburgh – “Deliberative Democracy: The Real ‘People’s Vote’“, panel at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, King’s College London Policy Institute

15 July – New York – “Democracy & the SDGs“, moderating event with the UN Deputy Secretary General, Jay Naidoo, Jyotsna Mohan Singh and Thomas Carothers, organised by UN Democracy Fund and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation

30 May – Ottawa – “Expanding the Use of Citizen Assemblies and Panels at the National, Regional, and Local Levels”, Challenge clinic organised by MASS LBP at the Open Government Partnership Summit. Slides by all presenters available here.

7 May – Brussels – “Citizens First: EU Citizens Consultations, What’s Next?”, European Committee of the Regions

10 April – Milan – “The Politics of Design“, speech on design and post-governance at the Triennale di Milano, Vitra Design Museum


Image credit: Julian Oliver, Transparency Grenade, 2012 © Julian Oliver, photo: Khuong Bismuth, illustration: Daniel Streat

20 March – Paris – “The Knowledge Economy”, respondent at OECD roundtable with Roberto Unger and Nesta

20 March – Paris – “Inclusive Governance: Bringing all voices on board for the design and delivery of public policies and services“, The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, mySociety

1-3 February – Rome – “Looking for system fixes and innovations”, presentation at the Mercator European Dialogue

24 January – London – “How to Build Political Start-Ups“, respondent at event with Josef Lentsch, RSA. The podcast is available here.


6 December – London – Chairing at King’s College London YTL Law & Justice Forum: Democracy and Citizen Participation

27 November – Brussels – “Citizens’ Assemblies to Renew Engagement” panel at the European Parliament, Europe for Citizens

8 November – Brussels – “Citizens’ Consultations: Image campaign or effective democracy tool?”, panel with Joachim Ott, Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, Anja Trebes, Federico Guerrieri and Jirí Buriánek, EuroPCom conference

7 November – Paris – Presentation about long-form deliberative processes to Les Interconnectés

4-5 October – Cadenabbia, Italy – Expert workshop on Democratic Resilience and Renewal, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

13-14 September – Zurich – “Using Behavioural Insights to Engage Citizens in Policy Making”, paper presentation at University of Zurich and DemocracyNet workshop on “Democratic participation: theoretical and empirical perspectives

6 September – London – “Citizens’ Assemblies: Lessons From Recent
Practice in the UK and Beyond” roundtable, International Conference of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association

2 June – Amsterdam – “Understanding the Populist Turn” panel with Jan-Werner Müller, Paul Scheffer, Flavia Kleiner & Márton Gulyás, Forum on European Culture 2018

Understanding the Populist Turn II – Forum on European Culture 2018 from De Balie on Vimeo.

14 February – Paris – Guest intervention about deliberative democracy at Civic Tech & Democracy course, Sciences Po


23-24 November – Madrid – “How should civil society meet the challenge of populism?”, EESC Conference on “The role of EU civil society in a globalised world of communications,” European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

16 November – London – “Are you being heard? Civic engagement in the digital era” panel discussion, The London Conference, Centre for London

8-10 October – Prague – “New forms of civic activism”, New Civic Activism Network Conference, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

5-6 October – Bergen, Norway – “Populism: For better or for worse?”, Comparative Politics Conference, University of Bergen

5 October – Bergen, Norway – “From exclusive to inclusive: Rethinking democracy in the 21st century“, Presentation and panel discussion, Tanketinget

23 September – Gdansk, Poland – “The benefits of deliberation in participatory budgeting processes,” Presentation to the Gdansk Citizens’ Assembly

19 September – Paris, France – “What role should civil society and territories play in the future participatory conventions for Europe?”, Europe and its Territories conference, Confrontations Europe

10 July – London, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, Policy Network and The Crick Centre, The University of Sheffield

29 June – London, UK – “The role of deliberation in shaping the constitution,” Power and People in the UK Constitution conference, Electoral Reform Society and APPG on Devolution, Decentralisation and Reform

15 June – Edinburgh, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, What Works Scotland and the University of Edinburgh

14 June – Manchester, UK – ‘The People’s Verdict’ launch event, Centre for Local Economic Studies (CLES) and Manchester Urban Institute

27 May – Bristol, UK – “Rebels and Radicals“, panel discussion with Jamie Bartlett and Douglas Carswell, Bristol Festival of Ideas

10 April Kiev, Ukraine – “Participatory democracy in th system of local self-governance,” Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-governance

22 March – London, UK“The intergenerational divide in Italy: Young people left behind?”, Panel discussion, LSE Italian Society

14 March – London, UK – “Reinvigorating democracy through random selection“, panel discussion, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster

24 February – Zagreb, Croatia – “What is populism?”, opening speech, AEGEE conference

19 January – London, UK – “Teaching tomorrow’s citizens“, panel discussion, RSA


3 December – London, UK – “Populism still on the rise”, Arena Academy speech, Arena Group

22 July – Oxford, UK – “After Europe: Labour party politics after the referendum“, University College Oxford, PSA Labour group

11 July – Oxford, UK – “People powered policy making: Lessons from Canada and Australia,” New routes to social justice conference, Policy Network and FEPS

18 May – London, UK – “Voting/Democracy: A public discussion“, panel discussion with Colin Crouch and Peter Kellner, King’s College London

18 April – Thessaloniki, Greece – “Civic disengagement and the practices of democratic governance”, conference,  Dukakis Center

30 March – Stavanger, Norway – “Uenighetsfellesskapet (The Disagreement Community)”, Keynote speech on on populism in Europe and how to challenge it, Fritt Ord Foundation, kåkå kverulantkatedralen and the University of Stavanger

21 March – London, UK – “People-powered policymaking: Canadian insights on deliberative politics“, chair, Policy Network

12 January – London, UK – “What can Britain learn from Australian democratic innovations?“, Chair, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust


16 December – Berlin, Germany – International roundtable on right-wing populism, presenting the case of the UK, Das Progressive Zentrum

9 December – London, UK – “The Predistribution Agenda: Book launch“, Policy Network and FEPS

4 December – London, UK – “Ukip and the populist signal in the UK”, speech at Arena Academy, Arena Group and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

18 November – Stockholm, Sweden – “The Populist Signal“, presentation, Arena Idé

13 November – Perth, Scotland – Scottish Government Cities Convention, workshop leader on Internationalisation, Scottish Cities Alliance and Scottish Government

10 November – Berlin, Germany – The Populist Signal presentation, Das Progressive Zentrum

30 October – Perth, Scotland – “Sovereignty of the People: Slogan or reality?”, panel, Scottish Labour Party Conference, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

FES20151022_0116_resize22 October – Budapest, Hungary –  “Is Populism the new Zeitgeist?”, panel at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Policy Solutions conference

16 October – Aberdeen, Scotland – “Sovereignty of the People: Slogan or reality?”, panel, SNP Party Conference, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

8 October – Bergen, Norway – “Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change” panel, The European Movement Norway

7 October – Oslo, Norway – Roundtable on The Populist Signal at Agenda think tank

5 October – Manchester, UK – “The Populist Signal: Tackling the political drivers of Ukip support”, panel at Conservative Party Conference, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

29 September – Brighton, UK – “The Populist Signal: Time for Labour to end machine politics”, panel at Labour Party Conference, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

Image126729924-25 September – Manchester, UK –  “Civic engagement” rapporteur, EU Integration Forum, Robert Bosch Stiftung

18 September – Edinburgh, Scotland – “The Populist Signal: Why politics and democracy need to change”, presentation, Policy Network, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Academy of Government, University of Edinburgh

DSC_022016 September – London, UK – Spoke about The Populist Signal at launch event for ESRC project on Citizens’ Assemblies on Constitutional Questions, Electoral Reform Society

11 September – Conversano, Italy – “The End of Democracy”, panel event, Lector in Fabula Festival, Eurozine and Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno

3 September – Amersfoort, Netherlands – “G1000 and deliberation”, keynote speech, G1000 Platform.

21 August – “Can politicians ever be true to themselves?” – panelist on BBC Newshour Extra

16 July – London, UK – “Dealing with Populists in Government”, roundtable chair, Policy Network and British Academy

DSC_021617 June – London, UK – “The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change”, book launch, Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust

11 March – London, UK – “Understanding PEGIDA in Context”, panel discussion, Social Europe and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


19 March – Brussels, Belgium – “European elections 2014: The Populist Challenge”, panel discussion, Heinrich Boll Stiftung

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